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8 Benefits of Auction for Owners

1. Auction is the most effective way of creating competition between interested parties and therefore gives you the best chance of achieving a premium price.


2. Purchasers whether in competition or not operate under your Auction contract particulars and conditions.


3. Auction marketing draws a wide range of interested parties, including spontaneous and emotional buyers.


4. The Auction date is a call to action. It accelerates the decision making process of interested parties, while also allowing time to convert conditional interest to cash unconditional interest.


5. With Auction you don't have to worry about under or over pricing.


6. Our specialty Auction Rooms at 471 Papanui Road allow your property to be presented in a warm professional setting while also being live streamed over the internet to parties anywhere in the world.


7. The Gold Auction Team is award-winning with vast experience in Auction marketing and sales, from 'As Is Where Is' property under $100,000 to Christchurch's premier multimillion dollar homes.


8. An Auction sale is cash and unconditonal.

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